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snack. laugh. repeat.

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Looking for some inspiration for party-worth appetizers, savory and sweet brunches, or on-the-go snacks to boost your day? We’ve got recipes for any dish and dessert you’re craving, from easy snacks with minimal ingredients to rich cakes.

Mini Cheese Martabak Recipe
Mini cheese pancake is a sweet snack made from wheat flour dough cooked on a flat pan and topped with cheese. This mini cheese pancake is small in size, making it perfect for a snack or dessert. The sweet and savory taste of the cheese makes this loveable snack a favorite of many people. The recipe for mini cheese pancake is made with The Laughing Cow Cheese is very easy to make and the ingredients are easy to find. You can make this at home for your loved ones. Use The Laughing Cow Plain Belcube as your cheese toppings to make it more delicious!
This oatmeal recipe serves a delicious and refreshing breakfast for you and your family. The refreshing sensation of overnight oatmeal, fruits and the delicious flavor of The Laughing Cow cheese are ready to be served for a nutritious and easy-to-make breakfast menu. Check out easy, healthy and kid-friendly oatmeal recipe ideas with The Laughing Cow here.
Serve up a delicious and convenient breakfast or dessert with our orange crepes with an added touch of luxurious Kiri cream softness. Enjoy a harmonious blend of flavors as the fresh citrus taste complements the soft texture of the crepes.
Make chia seed pudding for a healthy breakfast or snack right at your fingertips with The Laughing Cow. Don't be afraid to experiment with different flavors and ingredients.
Our favourite way to start the day is smoked salmon, lying on a soft, cool layer of The Laughing Cow Cheese Spread Light and cushioned on a warm toasted bagel. It tastes so delicious we can’t wait to get up. What makes it even better is that each triangle is 25 calories – happy days!
Our burgers are nice and spicy, and far from naughty. Each lean turkey burger comes alive with spicy chilli and paprika and a generous helping of The Laughing Cow Cheese Spread Light. And as each triangle is 25 calories they’re as good as they look. If you weren’t craving a burger before, bet you are now.
Looking for a fresh and colourful recipe ? This bruschetta is a classic burst of fresh summer flavours – tomato, basil and garlic, and makes for a perfect appetizer before a big meal, or handed out as a snack!
Effortlessly easy. Irresistibly tasty. Deliciously good. These mini pretzels are a tasty and refined snack featuring a combination of smoked salmon and The Laughing Cow Cheese Spread Light swirled on top of crunchy pretzels. Serve as a an amuse-bouche, add to the line up for a buffet, or wrap a few up for a posh picnic. Just make sure the cows don’t steal them if you’re sitting in a field. I would.

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