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FAQ from our customers

What are the health benefits of cheese?

Cheese is a source rich in nutrients and has health benefits for the body, including sources of protein, calcium, vitamin B12 and probiotics.-

Is The Laughing Cow cheese halal?

The Laughing Cow cheese is halal

Is our cheese made with real milk?

Yes, the cheeses used to make The Laughing Cow are made with 100% real cow’s milk. Currently, none of our products are made with vegan cheese, but our plant-based cheese alternatives will be vegan-friendly.

Is The Laughing Cow cheese safe for babies?

The Laughing Cow cheese is safe for consumption by babies aged 6 months

Is it okay to freeze the cheese?

We recommend not freezing The Laughing Cow cheese, as it will affect the quality.

How long past the “best before date” is the cheese still good?

We recommend consuming our products by the date on the package.

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