Here's a Recipe for Cheese Dishes, Easy to Make and Delicious!

Here’s a Recipe for Cheese Dishes, Easy to Make and Delicious!

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Here’s a Recipe for Cheese Dishes, Easy to Make and Delicious!

Do you know the benefits of cheese? Did you know that cheese can be one of the nutritious foods? Basically, cheese is a product of fermented milk. You might already be familiar with the fact that milk contains calcium essential for our bodies. 

There is a study in the Fundamentals of Cheese Science that says cheese is a bioavailable source of calcium, and is completed with iron, zinc and selenium.

So, when consuming cheese, besides enhancing the flavor of dishes, you also get an additional calcium intake. Now, we’ll show you some ideas of recipes for cheese dishes that can inspire you.

Dishes Made from Cheese

1. Cheese Martabak

Martabak is a popular snack in Indonesia. You don’t need expensive equipment or ingredients to make it. You can use basic ingredients such as flour, eggs, baking soda, baking powder, and water. 

To enhance the flavor, you can put sugar as the measurement or as your taste, and don’t forget the cheese! Grated cheese can be added as a topping to your martabak.

2. Cheese Fried Rice

If you want to use common ingredients that are easily found in your home, you can also use rice. One of the most known rice dishes in Indonesia is fried rice. But, in this recipe, it’s not just ordinary fried rice. You can use grated or melted cheese to be put on top of the fried rice as your topping. Surely, your fried rice will be more delicious.

3. Cheese Fried Noodles

Another cheese dish you can make is cheese fried noodles. Fried noodles are also a common dish in Indonesia. But, it’s too boring to have just ordinary fried noodles. Usually, you might add eggs as an additional topping, but now you can add cheese as an extra topping. It would enhance the taste of your dish.

4. Cheese Toast

Another snack you can make with cheese is cheese toast. Using simple ingredients like bread, butter, and cheese, you can make a simple cheese toast. If you like to add the sweetness, you can add condensed milk or put chocolate sprinkles.

5. Fried Cheese

Sometimes, we might run out of ideas to make snacks for our family. Well, this cheese dish can be a new idea to make family snacks. With just three basic ingredients, such as cheddar cheese, eggs, and breadcrumbs, you can make delicious and crunchy fried cheese. We’ve prepared an easy fried cheese recipe for you here!

6. Classic French Toast

This recipe is well-known in western countries. If you’re interested in making western-style food, you can check this classic french toast recipe. This dish used to serve as a breakfast. So, you can also make French toast with added cheese toppings for your breakfast menu!

7. Mac and Cheese

As its dish’s name, mac and cheese is a dish made from a mixture of macaroni and cheese sauce. Like french toast, mac and cheese is also a cheese dish originating from western countries. You can also make this dish as part of your menu collection. You can check out this mac and cheese recipe with just 4 simple and easy-to-follow ingredients.

8. Potato Cheese Bread

The last menu you can try is potato cheese bread. Potato cheese bread is a bread filling with a mixture of potatoes and cheese. With a texture that’s soft and melts in your mouth, this recipe is quite easy to follow. The ingredients you needed are only potatoes, cheese, and bread.

Those are eight recipes for cheese dishes that you can try. If you’re bored of your everyday meals, try following the above recipes.

However, there’s something to keep in mind. Make sure to follow the recipes correctly to manage the amount of calories entering your body. Also, use quality cheeses that you can find at The Laughing Cow!

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