Very Popular, These Are Korean Street Foods You Should Try!

Very Popular, These Are Korean Street Foods You Should Try!

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Over the past two decades, there has been an increasing influence from the Ginseng Country, South Korea, on lifestyles across the world. One of these influences is in the culinary field.

Korean food is very popular among the masses. In addition to being known as healthy and nutritious, Korean food is also considered in line with global trends, making it easily accepted by palates from various countries.

In this article, we will provide a list of Korean street foods that you must try. Pay attention until the end, okay!

The Korean Wave in Indonesia

Have you ever heard of the term “hallyu” (한류) in Korean?

So, the term hallyu can be translated as the Korean wave or Korean fever. This term emerged in the early 2000s referring to a craze for Korean pop and traditional culture.

In this modern era, there are more and more platforms that can introduce Korean culture to the world, such as social media or streaming platforms, so its influence is growing bigger and faster.

In Indonesia itself, the most popular aspects of Korean culture are Korean dramas and Korean pop music. However, it’s not limited to just those two things, as learning the Korean language, Korean beauty products, and even Korean cuisine are also gaining more popularity.

This is marked by the emergence of more and more Korean restaurants sprouting up in Indonesia, beauty products advertising in Indonesia, and institutions opening classes to learn the Korean language.

15 Must-Try Korean Street Foods

The rising wave of Korean influence around the world has led to an increasing curiosity about anything Korean-related. One area of interest is Korean cuisine.

Fans of Korean TV shows or dramas may often see how delicious and appetizing Korean food looks when presented on screen. Especially the snacks that are commonly available or sold on the streets of Korea.

Well, speaking of those Korean street snacks, we will showcase a list of Korean street foods that you must try when visiting a Korean restaurant or when you fly to Korea.

1. Tteokbokki

Chewy rice cakes cooked in a spicy gochujang sauce, a signature Korean sauce made from red chili peppers, fermented soybean paste, and garlic. It tastes spicy, savory, and slightly sweet, perfect for enjoying in cold weather. Tteokbokki is usually served with toppings such as boiled eggs, green onions, and kimchi.

2. Odeng

Fish cakes made from fish paste and shaped like sausages. They taste savory and chewy, usually served in a hot broth made from fish stock, soy sauce, and green onions. Odeng is a popular snack in Korea and is often enjoyed during winter.

3. Bungeoppang

Fish-shaped bread filled with a sweet and chewy red bean paste. It tastes sweet and savory, perfect for enjoying in cold weather. Bungeoppang is typically baked in fish-shaped molds and served warm.

4. Hweori gamja

Spiral-cut potatoes on a stick that are deep-fried. They taste savory and crispy, great for enjoying with tomato or spicy sauce. Hweori gamja is a popular Korean snack, often enjoyed while watching movies or sports games.

5. Kimbab

Korean seaweed rice rolls filled with various ingredients such as eggs, vegetables, and meat. It tastes savory and fresh, perfect for a lunch box or snack. Kimbab is usually wrapped in dried seaweed sheets and cut into bite-sized pieces.

6. Sundae

A sausage made from cow or pig intestines stuffed with noodles, pig’s blood, and spicy seasonings. It tastes spicy and savory, great for enjoying with additional spicy sauce. Sundae is a popular Korean snack often enjoyed with beer.

7. Twigim

Various deep-fried items such as vegetable tempura, sausages, seafood, and fish cakes. They taste savory and crispy, perfect as snacks. Twigim is usually served with a spicy or tomato sauce.

8. Dakkochi

Grilled chicken skewers coated in a sweet and spicy gochujang sauce. They taste spicy, sweet, and savory, great with additional spicy sauce. Dakkochi is a popular beer snack in Korea.

9. Bbopki

Flattened rice cakes grilled in molds shaped like various characters. They taste savory and crispy, perfect with a sweet sauce or spicy sauce. Bbopki is a popular Korean snack, especially among children.

10. Tteokkebi hot dog

Sausages wrapped in rice cakes and deep-fried. They taste savory and crispy, great with tomato or spicy sauce. Tteokkebi hot dogs are a popular movie/sports snack in Korea.

11. Hotteok

Korean pancakes filled with brown sugar, peanuts, and cinnamon. They taste sweet and gooey, best enjoyed warm. Hotteok are usually cooked on iron griddles and served with a sweet syrup.

12. Kkultarae

Korean shaved ice mixed with sweetened condensed milk, fruit syrups, and various toppings like red beans, almonds, and diced fruit. It tastes sweet and refreshing, perfect for hot weather.

13. Gyeran bbang

Korean egg bread stuffed with an egg omelet, green onions, and a sweet-spicy gochujang sauce. It tastes savory and spicy, great for breakfast or a snack. Gyeran bbang is usually baked in bread molds and served warm.

14. Jipangi ice cream

Ice cream sandwiched between Korean baked bread. It tastes sweet, fresh and delicious, perfect for hot weather.

15. Dried octopus and squid

Fresh squid and octopus that are dried and seasoned with various spices. They taste savory, spicy and chewy, great as a snack or side dish.

Recommended Famous Street Food Places in Korea


1. Gwangjang Market

Located in Seoul, this traditional market is famous for various authentic and delicious Korean street foods. Visitors can find a variety of classic Korean dishes such as tteokbokki, sundae, gimbap, and odeng. The lively and vibrant market atmosphere adds to the appeal of trying Korean street food here.

2. Myeongdong

This popular shopping district in Seoul is also renowned for trendy and modern Korean street foods. Here, visitors can find unique and creative snacks such as rainbow tteokbokki, chocolate-flavored hotteok, and kimbap shaped like cartoon characters. Additionally, Myeongdong offers a variety of international street food options.

3. Tongin Market

Located in Seoul, this traditional market is known for affordable and quality Korean street foods. Visitors can find a range of Korean dishes at reasonable prices such as tteokbokki, odeng, gimbap, and sundae. The traditional and authentic market atmosphere provides a unique culinary experience.

4. Dongdaemun Night Market

The largest night market in Seoul with many street food vendors open until late. It offers a variety of street food choices, from traditional Korean snacks to international fare. The lively and vibrant atmosphere is perfect for food lovers wanting to experience Seoul’s night food scene.

5. Namdaemun Market

Located in Seoul, famous for various Korean snacks and other local products. The atmosphere is bustling with locals and tourists, offering an authentic and unique culinary experience. Some renowned snacks here include Namdaemun Tteokbokki, Namdaemun Odeng, and Namdaemun Kimbap.

So those were the must-try Korean street foods. How about it? Did this satisfy your curiosity or make you even more eager to try them?

Don’t worry, The Laughing Cow has some recipes for Korean snacks that you can cook at home yourself. Just click here!

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