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Are BabyBel & Belcube Cheese Halal? Find Out Here!

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BabyBel and Belcube cheeses are two highly popular cheeses from The Laughing Cow. Renowned for their savory and delicious taste, these cheeses are often chosen as snacks or meal complements enjoyed by many. For the Muslim community, the halal status of food products is a primary concern. Hence, it is essential to determine whether BabyBel and Belcube cheeses adhere to halal standards.

The Laughing Cow History

The Laughing Cow, a cheese brand founded in 1921 by Pierre Bel, has become an icon in the world of cheese. Headquartered in France, the company has been producing high-quality cheese for over a century. The Laughing Cow entered the Indonesian market for a few decades now and has since become one of the favorite cheese brands in the country.

Halal Certification from Halal Quality Control (HQC)

As a crucial step in ensuring the halal status of products, The Laughing Cow, including BabyBel and Belcube, holds a halal certificate from Halal Quality Control (HQC). HQC is a halal certification body recognized by the Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI). The halal certificate has been granted to The Laughing Cow, signifying that their products meet rigorous halal standards. For more detailed information, you can visit the HQC website.

Bel Product Varieties (Belcube, Cheese Triangle, Cheese Dippers from The Laughing Cow, BabyBel and Kiri)

The Laughing Cow offers various intriguing product variations, all of which are halal certified by HQC, including:


Cube-shaped cheese available in various flavors such as belcube original, cheddar, tomato & ham, chocolate and strawberry. You can use it as a snack or you can combine it with other foods.

The Laughing Cow Cheese Triangle 

Cream cheese in triangular portions with various flavors like triangle original, light, ham, Emmental and Paprika. Its unique packaging makes this product easy to store and more durable.

Cheese Dippers

The Laughing Cow Cheeze Dippers is a convenient cheese snack that can be taken anywhere. Made from crispy breadsticks and quality cheese, it becomes your go-to snack during leisure time.


Cylinder-shaped cheese with a thin skin, available in several flavors such as original (red), Light Cheese (Light Blue), and cheddar cheese (purple). Its unique packaging makes it suitable for both children and adults as a snack.

Kiri Cream Cheese

Kiri cream cheese is a creamy and delightful cheese known for its rich flavor and versatility. Enjoy it on its own or incorporate it into a variety of dishes.

All The Laughing Cow and Bel products variations sold in Indonesia have obtained halal certification from HQC, ensuring that these cheeses can be consumed safely by Muslims.

Based on the information above, it can be concluded that Belcube and BabyBel cheeses are halal products suitable for consumption by Muslims. The halal certificate from HQC serves as assurance that The Laughing Cow and Bel adheres to strict halal regulations.

To meet your snacking or culinary needs with halal cheese, you can confidently choose Belcube and BabyBel cheeses. These products are available in various supermarkets across Indonesia in different sizes and flavor variations. Enjoy the deliciousness of The Laughing Cow and Bel cheese that is both safe and halal!

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