6 Biggest Cheese Producing Countries in the World, What Are They?

6 Biggest Cheese Producing Countries in the World, What Are They?

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Cheese, derived from fermented and clotted milk, is not just a food, but a culinary art and tradition that has permeated cultures around the world. As a source of protein, calcium, and other nutrients, cheese offers a richness of flavor, texture, and color that sets it apart from other types of food. In this article, let’s explore the six largest countries that pioneered cheese production, revealing their distinctive cheese varieties and rich culture.

List of Cheese Producing Countries


United States of America

Not only is the United States the largest producer of cheese, but it also produces a wide range of cheeses, from the distinctive cheddar to the abundant mozzarella and other types of cheese.


Known as the culinary capital of the world, France has a long history of cheese tradition. From soft brie to fragrant camembert, French cheeses have a unique appeal.


Italian mozzarella and parmesan cheeses have captivated the palates of the world. With a long history in the art of cheese, Italy offers a variety of high-quality cheeses that you can enjoy in the form of Italian specialties such as Pizza, Pasta and many more. 


Cheeses such as gouda, brie, and camembert are unique to Germany. The country not only creates delicious cheeses but also makes them an integral part of the local cuisine.


The typical manchego, havarti and cabrales are examples of Spanish cheeses that vary in flavor and character. This diversity reflects the richness of Spanish culture.


With gouda, edam, and maasdam as its signature cheeses, the Netherlands is not only a famous cheese production center but also offers delicious cheese varieties.

Distinctive Types of Cheese from Each Country


Cheddar Cheese (America)

Cheddar cheese, with its sharp flavor, is an American cheese. Versatile mozzarella and robust parmesan also dominate the American cheese market.

Brie Cheese (France)

Brie cheese, which is mushroom-skinned with a mild flavor, and camembert, a creamy and fragrant cheese, reflect the rich flavors of French cheeses. Emmental cheese is also famous here.

Mozzarella Cheese (Italy)

Soft mozzarella and strong parmesan are the pinnacle of Italian cheese flavors. Gorgonzola, which is distinctive with its blue feathery flavor, is also a favorite.

Gouda Cheese (Germany) 

Gouda, which is often processed into cheese with various added flavors, and specialty cheeses such as brie and camembert.

Manchego Cheese (Spain)

Manchego, a delicious sheep cheese, and the strong, blue-furred cabrales cheese highlight the diversity of Spanish cheeses.

Gouda Cheese (Netherlands) 

With its diverse gouda, creamy edam, and hollow maasdam, the Netherlands has a variety of cheeses that have received positive reviews from around the world.

Gouda Cheese (Netherlands) 

With its diverse gouda, creamy edam, and hollow maasdam, the Netherlands has a type of cheese that has received positive reviews from around the world.

Cheese Tourism

  • Le Fromage de France in Paris, France: A destination for cheese lovers who want to explore the variety of French cheeses, with in-depth learning about the process of making them.
  • La Casa del Queso in Granada, Spain: A unique experience that takes you through the diversity of Spanish cheeses, from manchego to cabrales.
  • De Rijke in Gouda, Netherlands: A renowned cheese production center, Gouda offers an immersive cheese tourism experience.
  • The Cheese Board Collective in Berkeley, California, USA: A cooperative that not only offers quality cheese but also education about cheese.

Cheese is not just about taste; it is a history and culture that is closely intertwined with its country of origin. Through the variety of flavors and types of cheese, we can recognize and appreciate the uniqueness of each country in their cheese art. A journey through the six largest cheese-producing countries in the world is a culinary journey that tantalizes the palate and celebrates the rich world of cheese.

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