Babybel® Original Cheese, 5 portions, 110g

Wrapped in our iconic wax packaging, Babybel is a practical and fun snack for any occasion! Simply peel, pull, and taste the 100% real cheese goodness that makes Babybel perfect for a lunch treat or after-school snack.

Babybel comes in several flavors ranging from mild flavors to sharp cheesy flavors made from whole milk.

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milk (98%), salt, bacterial cultures, microbial enzyme


Each serving contains 18% of the Reference Intake for calcium. Calcium contributes to the maintenance of normal teeth and bones.

Rich in protein. Protein contributes to the maintenance of normal bone and muscle mass.

Rich in beneficial vitamins that play an important role in maintaining healthy eyes, skin, and immune systems.

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nutrients Facts:
100g: 22g
Energy value 1280 kJ - 308 kcal 282 kJ - 68 kcal
Fat 24g 5,3g
Saturated Fat 16g 3,5g
Trans fat 1g 0,2g
Cholestrol 72mg 15,8mg
Carbohydrate 0,5g 0,5g
Sugar 0,5g 0,5g
Protein 23g 5,1g
Sodium 710mg 156mg
Calcium 700 mg (88%)* 154 mg (19%)*
Diety Fiber 0g 0g
*) Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA)
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