7 Most Expensive Cheese in the World

7 Most Expensive Cheese in the World

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Cheese is one of the most popular foods for its deliciousness. Enjoyed as a snack or addition to dishes, cheese has a wide variety of options available to fulfil these needs. In addition to its wide variety, cheese also offers different qualities, ranging from good to premium quality.

In general, high-quality cheese comes from unique and complex cheese-making methods. Processing milk into cheese is a complicated process that requires a lot of time. Some cheeses often found in the market are processed cheese products that use machines to speed up the process. However, premium cheese with high quality is naturally processed without the use of machines and produced in small quantities. This process ensures that the cheese meets the specified quality standards.

The quality of the cheese is also influenced by the main ingredients used. Some luxury cheeses are also made from the milk of animals that are difficult for farmers to breed, such as donkeys or buffaloes. Thus, this not only affects the quality of the cheese but also the price of the cheese. These factors make cheese makers offer prices that vary, from cheap to expensive. Here is a list of the 7 most expensive types of cheese and an explanation of what makes each luxury cheese unique.

World’s Most Expensive Cheese


  1. Pule Cheese:

    Pule cheese stands out as a rare and luxurious dairy delicacy crafted from the milk of endangered Balkan donkeys in Serbia and Montenegro. Exclusively produced in the Zasavica region of Serbia, this unique cheese undergoes a solid smoking process during production, imparting a distinctive aroma and flavor. It takes 25 liters of donkey milk to produce just one kilogram of Pule cheese. Due to its complex manufacturing process and the scarcity of its ingredients, Pule cheese has rightfully earned its place among the most expensive cheeses worldwide.

  2. Moose Cheese:
    Moose cheese, renowned for its exclusivity and opulence, hails from Elk House in Bjurholm, Sweden. This exceptional cheese comes from highly sensitive moose, necessitating gentle handling and a stress-free environment during the milking process. Moreover, moose only calve from May to September, resulting in a limited window for cheese production each year. As a result, Elk House’s moose cheese has become a highly coveted delicacy, available only for a short period annually.

  3. Stilton Gold cheese:
    Long Clawson Dairy, nestled in the picturesque Leicestershire region of England, proudly unveils its exclusive creation: Stilton Gold cheese, available only during the holiday season. This extraordinary Stilton cheese is masterfully enriched with real gold flakes and luscious gold liqueur, earning its prestigious name. The incorporation of genuine gold elements not only elevates its value but also makes it one of the rarest and most opulent cheeses worldwide. Embracing a delightful crumbly texture and a delectable fusion of fruity notes, including lemon, ginger, and apricot, Stilton Gold entices food enthusiasts and stands as one of the most sought-after cheeses in the culinary realm.

  4. Wyke Farms Cheddar:
    Located in Somerset, England, Wyke Farms proudly boasts the title of the largest independent cheese producer in the UK, with its cheeses gaining international recognition. With a rich heritage tracing back to 1861, the company has garnered fame for crafting the most luxurious cheddar cheese worldwide.

    Meticulously created from the finest cow’s milk, Wyke Farms cheddar undergoes a meticulous maturation process, lasting approximately one year. Throughout this period, the cheese is carefully aged in wooden boxes, diligently monitored by skilled cheesemakers. While the exact recipe remains a well-guarded family secret, it is known that Wyke Farms’ cheddar is skillfully enhanced with an infusion of delectable gold leaf and French truffles. These enchanting additions imbue the cheddar with a divine medley of flavors, exquisitely rich and tangy, making it a true delight for discerning palates.

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  5. Bitto Cheese:
    Bitto cheese is a luxurious blend of goat and cow’s milk. Its high price corresponds to its long maturation process, which can be up to 10 years, allowing the cheese to reach its best flavor. The long shelf life of the cheese can be attributed to its rapid processing, starting within 30 minutes of milking, which effectively thwarts the formation of bacteria. Originating in Italy and later imported to Hong Kong, Bitto cheese gained immense popularity in China as it introduced unprecedented flavor sensations to its citizens. Its unique flavor profile is described as sweet and creamy, but as it ages, its taste intensifies, becoming more prosperous and stronger, motivating many connoisseurs to opt for longer ageing.

  6. Caciocavallo Cheese:
    Caciocavallo cheese originates from Southern Italy and is made using milk from a rare breed of Italian cow called Podolica, which is exclusively found in San Nicandro Garganico. This unique cheese has gained widespread fame due to its elongated shape and has developed into one of the most sought-after delicacies in Italy.

    For the production of Caciocavallo cheese, they use the traditional method of tying long slabs of cheese with string and hanging them on logs for approximately three months during the winter. This slow ripening process results in a firm, dry, and beautifully flavored cheese, making it a premium choice for foodies. Caciocavallo’s exceptional flavor and craftsmanship come at a price, with the cheese costing around $50 per pound.

  7. Jersey Blue:
    Jersey Blue, a delicious creation of cheesemaker Willi Schmid in the Valais region of Switzerland in 2006, captivates cheese enthusiasts with its distinct characteristics. This type of blue cheese is carefully crafted using raw and fresh cow’s milk, giving it an authentic and strong flavor.

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    The cheese also has a unique shape of a dome decorated with an array of gray, white, and blue molds on the surface and inside the cheese. With the blue mold inside, Jersey Blue has a bold and sharp flavor that is appetizing. Its unique shape is the main attraction of Jersey Blue cheese in addition to its flavor. This is a compilation of seven exceptionally expensive cheeses that hold the top ranks among the most exclusive in the world.

    These cheeses are crafted with utmost precision, utilizing rare farm animals and ingredients, and undergo a meticulous production process spanning several years, attributed to their elevated price tag. These exquisite cheeses not only offer unparalleled flavor sensations absent in ordinary varieties but also showcase their uniqueness through the intricate production procedures and scarcity of their essential ingredients.

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