Healthy and Delicious Lunch Box Ideas for School and Work

Healthy and Delicious Lunch Box Ideas for School and Work

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When we want to change to a healthier lifestyle, we often face various challenges. One of them is choosing the intake that enters our bodies. 

Healthy lifestyle is not just about exercise, the food we consume also affects our healthy lifestyle. When we are having some activities outside our house, fast food or any available food might be your lunch choice. But, are all these foods safe for your health? 

To avoid this, you can replace your lunch with homemade healthy meals! Besides being beneficial for health, making your own meals also has many other benefits. 

Keep on reading as we will give you 7 healthy lunch box ideas perfect for bringing to the office or school! Psst, there are some dishes combined with cheese. 

Benefits of Healthy Meals

Before we show you healthy lunch box ideas, we will show you the benefits of bringing your own meals that you can feel.

  1. Controlled nutrient intake. When preparing meals for yourself or your family, you can ensure that the nutrient intake meets your needs. You know how much protein, carbohydrates, vegetables, or healthy fats you will include in your meal.
  2. Reducing the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Fast food that you may have consumed before often contains high calories, sugar, salt, and saturated fats. Bringing your own meal can help you avoid this.
  3. Helping to increase productivity. Balanced nutrition will increase concentration and focus. So, productivity at work or school can be maintained or even increased.
  4. Saving money. Bringing your own meal can save you money because eating out tends to be more expensive. You can allocate your budget for other needs.
  5. Increasing creativity and knowledge. You or other family members may get bored if the menu is always the same. Therefore, you can experiment with other menus to sharpen your creativity. Besides that, you can also enhance your knowledge of nutrition.

Those are five benefits that you will definitely receive. Therefore, making and bringing your own meals will not harm you. Well, to start your healthy meal journey, we have 7 delicious and unique healthy meal ideas for you!

7 Healthy Meal Ideas For Family


1. Chicken & Cheese Pinwheels Bento


A combination of chicken, cheese, and lettuce rolled in tortillas like a pinwheel is the main feature of this bento. To complement the main dish, you can use celery with dill sauce and blueberries. The perfect dessert for this bento is popcorn mixed with chocolate chips.

2. Egg and Cheese Sandwich


A simple and nutritious lunch with only three main ingredients. Fried scrambled eggs can be the filling for bread along with cheese, lettuce, and tomato slices. To add other flavors, you can add slices of sausage or sliced meat. You can serve it as is or toast the sandwich until the bread turns golden brown and the cheese melts.

3. Rainbow Bento


An exciting meal that makes children eager to eat it. The colorful appearance of this lunch box is made from a combination of carrot sticks, strawberry slices, blueberries, and raspberries. The main dish is cheese rolled with beef bacon or sliced meat. Of course, you can use The Laughing Cow Plain Belcube cheese which is soft! And the meal is completed with yogurt topped with berries.

4. Fish & Chips


Different from the usual Fish & Chips dish, the healthy version is cooked by grilling. A combination of tender fish filets with crispy skin and baked potato wedges can be one of your meal options. You can also enhance the flavor by adding cheese, such as grated, melted, or cream cheese.

5. Beef Teriyaki


A dish that is already quite familiar with its typical teriyaki sauce. However, for this healthy meal, you can combine tender sirloin with crispy vegetables, such as broccoli or carrots.

6. Protein Bistro


An affordable version of a bistro box! You can make a more affordable and easy-to-make bistro box. A high-protein meal contains boiled eggs, edamame, cheese, and canned tuna drained. Complete it with slices of baguette and a few cherry tomatoes. Don’t forget to add a slice of lemon for a fresh taste. For the cheese, you can use The Laughing Cow Original Cheese Spread which is rich in nutrients!

7. Vegetable Spring Rolls


A super simple healthy food, suitable for vegetable lovers like you! A combination of various vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, and onions wrapped in soft rice paper. Complete this dish with a smooth peanut sauce dip. Well, you can also enhance the flavor by adding a small piece of meat.

How is it? Are you interested in trying the healthy lunch box ideas above? You can also customize these meals by combining both menus. However, still pay attention to the nutritional content to avoid excess. Happy trying!

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