The Laughing Cow Burger Cheddar Slice, 200g

Are you looking for the best melting cheese for every recipe? Our Burger Cheddar Cheese Slices creates smooth melting cheese, rich taste, and nutritional benefit when heated. This cheese slice is the perfect choice for a wide range of melted-cheese dishes.

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Rehydrated skimmed milk, Cheeses, Milk protein, Lactic concentrate, Emulsifying salts: triphosphates, polyphosphates, Natural flavouring, Butter.


The Laughing Cow Cheese contains calcium* for healthy and strong bones. One serving of The Laughing Cow contains 12% of the daily recommended amount of calcium!

*as part of a varied diet and regular exercise.

Vitamin A
Vitamin A* can improve the function of your eyes. Vitamin A is also important for maintaining the skin and membranes properly which can strengthen the cells in your hair, gums, and lungs.

*as part of a varied diet and regular exercise.

Vitamin B2
Vitamin B2* plays a role in energy turnover in your body. The carbohydrates, proteins, and fats that your body consumes, are converted into energy with the help of vitamin B2. So, it is very important for your metabolism!

*as part of a varied diet and regular exercise.

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nutrients Facts:
100g: 20g
Energy value 1260 kJ / 303 kcal 252 kJ / 61 kcal
Fat 25g 5.0g
Saturated Fat 17g 3.4g
Trans fat 0.9g 0.2g
Cholestrol 75mg 15mg
Carbohydrate 3.5g 0.7g
Sugar 3.5g 0.7g
Diety Fiber 0g 0g
Protein 21g 4.2g
Sodium 1400mg 280mg
Calcium 510mg(64% NRV**/RDA***) 162mg(13% NRV**/RDA***)
***RDA: Recommended Daily Allowance **NRV: Nutrient Reference Value
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