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We have a wide selection of cheeses suitable for every occasion. Our cheese products are made from natural, high-quality ingredients to ensure that your family gets the best. Start fulfilling your needs today with various choices of The Laughing Cow cheese which are soft, delicious, and practical.

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The Laughing Cow

The Laughing Cow is a renowned cheese spread brand that offers a delightful range of sub-brands to satisfy cheese lovers worldwide. Round box, Belcubes, Cheez dippers, Cheese Slices, and Chees in Tub continue to bring joy and flavor to cheese enthusiasts everywhere.


Want a cheese spread to suit any mood and occasion? The Laughing Cow comes in a Roundbox which can be enjoyed as a snack or a side dish, as it is safe to leave out of the fridge for several hours. This cheese product is also suitable to be enjoyed as a snack after school or after working out. Available in 4 flavours: Original, Light, Spread Ham, Ham Emmental and Paprika.


Belcube is a delicious soft cheese snack in a practical package. The Laughing Cow Belcube comes in 4 flavors: Original, Strawbery, Chocolate, and Tomato and Ham. Meet your family’s nutritional needs with Belcube which can be enjoyed at any time. You can add the goodness of Belcube cheese to your and your family’s favorite dishes. Available in 15 cubes and 24 cubes per pack.

cheez dippers

Bored of the usual cheesy snacks? Then you should try the Laughing Cow has Cheez Dippers snacks made from high quality cheese. Dip the crunchy breadsticks in the iconic taste of The Laughing Cow deliciously smooth & creamy cheese. Easy healthy snack for anytime of the day.

Cheese Slice

The Laughing Cow Slices comes in a wide range of variants – light, toast, sandwich, and burger cheddar that suit every mood. You can’t go wrong pairing our slices on your toast, burger, and other foods to create amazingly mouth-watering flavors.

Cheese Spread in Tub 200g

The Laughing Cow spread is our classic cheese with a soft, creamy cheese that comes in a handy re-closable tub so that you can easily enjoy our product.


Wrapped in our iconic wax packaging, Babybel is a practical and fun snack for any occasion! Simply peel, pull, and taste the 100% real cheese goodness that makes Babybel perfect for a lunch treat or after-school snack. Babybel comes in several flavors ranging from mild flavors to sharp cheesy flavors made from whole milk.


Kiri is made from fresh milk which produces creamy, rich, and full essential nutrition that is good for your health. Not only does our cheese made from milk serve a wide range of health benefits, but it also comes with a good taste to elevate your food.

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Enjoy The Laughing Cow straight from the pack, spread it, dip it, or get creative in the kitchen with these delicious snack ideas.

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